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TLD City Mall Presents: gTLDomains Grand Opening of Store #1 @11:11pm PST on 11/11/2019

Bringing awareness and hope to all human societies with Domain Name messages written in Domain Name URL's, telling stories, fact and fiction, while bringing hope for your new outlook to this NEW life we face today. This is my Brilliantly, crazy way of molding this vision and helping others, in turn, doing the same. Tell Your Story, be that song that trigures your soul. Let your work, work for you while you create your own masterpiece, YOU1, to help build a better tomorrow.

Domains have been Donated by Gigi's Domains - Connecting the world One gTLD at a time.

GTLdomains is bringing a different perspective to ponder about what you will do with the rest of your life.

Top Level Domains sold for Every need, lifestyle, profession, passion, motivation, aggravation, fascination, coordination, indoctrination, contemplation. segregation, as Freedom to speak your voice.

This may be your only chance as these domains are the newest investment, but gigi went shopping for the world and you are invited to the sale. A 29.99 domain can Bring a very high ROR in 10 years "MEANING", you have nothing to lose...

TLD.City Mall has Got you covered and will be opening 2 more stores very soon.

Highlights: Politics, Sports, Adult Games and Fun, Heaven and Hell...

If you don't see it "Ask Me", I probably have what you seek.

New Domain Extensions = SEO Gold with dual keyword exposure

Let your work, WORK for you... Freedom... What is your plan for retirement?

What will you do in 5 years for work when most all work will be online?

Change your Perspective and you may change your world, your life...

gTLD Domains = nTLD, gTLD, TLD = Virtual Real Estate = Your Future to Dare to Dream YOUR DREAMS...

Many more Premium domains coming soon to TLD City Mall

Health, Spirituality, Earth Love and Gods Green domains coming soon...

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Gigis domains, this adventure, and this awakening is dedicated to one of God's brightest Stars in the Sky-Em...

Free speech with multiple opinions in mind and thought.

Absolutely no discrimination intended and some of the messages are meant as only abstract views, visions and thoughts that we can all understand and associate with from our Matrix life (some may be offensive to some but revelations to others.) Freedom of Speech is gone. Are you Ok with that? I am not and that is one of the reasons this mission isPossible. For all domains sold over 5k you have 72 hours to inspect the domain. Domains Selling over 20k I ask that we share escrow fees at 50/50 to finalize our transaction.