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  • This is just a little disclaimer for all the ones out there whos focus needs a bit of correction on life in general protocol.
  • I AM NOT CLAIMING to be anyone that you might tag as so many endless labels so I will cut you off now.
  • I am just someone who is aware and has learned from prior experience and has gone through some spiritual happenings.
  • I ONLY KNOW what I have experienced. EVERYONE'S experience will be different.
  • THE moral of the story for this page is "please". Just wake the FU CK UP! :) If I could say it nicer to you and it would share the same impact, I would do this. I just want you know it is Ok to be wiser anything. Contemplate and research all you have questioned , all you thought you knew, and really begin to question so you to can be a part of this amazing time of ascensions and share it with the world. "You", are a part of this. YOU can help shape a better world... End of Story
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